Elea Pulsed Electric Field Advantage Demo Days 2019

5th-7th Nov 2019. Quakenbrück, Germany.

We would like to invite you to 3 days of Pulsed Electric Field discovery & insight at the custom-built facility for the development of PEF technology at Elea in Quakenbrück, Germany.


PEF workshops and demos will be given by PEF experts who are practising their business every day. Topics will be ranging from snacks processing, juice preservation and wine manufacturing to drying, extraction and cell disintegration.

Leading international PEF experts will give an insight into theoretical knowledge on the sustainability aspects provided by PEF systems, electroporation in wine science, insights into the snack industry and extraction of valuable compounds.

Combined with a social programme, three interesting and memorable days are guaranteed.


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Application deadline is extended to October 24th 2019. Any queries? Contact Isabell Beyer via email i.beyer@elea-technology.com

PEF insights, demonstrations and One-to-One advice

Attend one day of practical insight and gain hands-on experience in Pulsed Electric Field technology at Elea's custom build pilot halls.

Juice processing

PEF treated juice has fresher taste, better colour, higher retained nutritional value, than thermal pasteurization which has negative effect on the quality of the product. We will treat freshly squeezed juices in our PEFPILOT™ Dual to demonstrate PEF’s positive effect.

Snacks production

Processing French fries and chips with PEF results in a higher quality product, new product opportunities and economic benefits. This demo will give new insights and practical background information about the process, its effect on raw materials, product development and improvement of the whole downstream process.


Elea will demonstrate how Pulsed Electric Field benefits drying applications and your drying business. Elea PEF provides better form stability, intense flavour and brighter colour to dried products. Electroporation enhances mass transfer, in this case, evaporation, leading to increased line capacity and energy savings.

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The focus of this demo is the analysis of yield increase due to PEF treatment. PEF opens the cell membrane and as a consequence, the extraction of liquid and valuable compounds is increased. Within this demo, juice will be produced and the influence of PEF, as well as different pressing methods, will be examined.


More than 125 Elea PEF systems are already working for some of the world’s leading food producers. Our range is comprised of 3 system types: The Elea Advantage™ Belt systems for solid applications, the Elea Advantage™ Pipe systems for liquid and semi-liquid applications
and the PEFPilot™ Dual for trailing and small production.

Cell disintegration and control tools

You will perform the PEF treatment of solid plant raw materials and explore the electroporation effect on different plant tissues. With our control tools PEF Control™ and Cut Control™, you will be able to quantify its cell disintegration index and evaluate how helpful they are in supporting manufacturing and research.

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Agents training

(For our distribution partners only) This section starts on the morning of Nov 5th. We welcome our agents for a special training day dedicated to how to introduce interested parties to the Elea Pulsed Electric Field system range in several sectors. How to overcome the classical hurdles, and what are typical questions and answers? What improvements can our electroporation systems bring to clients and where are the borders? What are the capacities and which applications are most beneficial? How to meet the design and marketing requirements of Elea?

Welcoming all visitors

This part starts on the afternoon of Nov 5th. Industrial visitors and our agents will partake the 3 Advantage days together. You will get an introduction into how PEF works and a little overview in PEF science. The recent industrial implementation, as well as industrial opportunities for PEF technologies, will be presented.

PEF Advantage system range

Our range is comprised of 3 system types: SmoothCutTM for solid products, CoolJuiceTM for liquids and PEFPilotTM for research and trialling. Learn about Elea’s PEF system range and capacities, topped with our service and maintenance options.

Equipment tour

All of our Pulsed Electric Field systems are manufactured by us at our facility in Quakenbrück, Germany. Designed, engineered and built by experts in PEF to the highest specifications. Get insights into our equipment display area and learn how our systems can be beneficial to your manufacturing.

Lectures from invited speakers

We invited international PEF experts from all over the world to talk to you about insights into PEF in the snack industry (Brian Meyer from Tayto, UK), benefits of electroporation in wine science (speaker to be confirmed), important sustainability aspects (Sergiy Smetana from DIL, Germany) and enhanced extraction of valuable compounds (speaker to be confirmed).

PEF workshops and demos

They aim to provide hands-on experience on major topics relevant for PEF applications. We will offer six different pilot hall workshops: Juice processing, snack production, drying, extraction, plant cell disintegration and equipment show.

One-to-One sessions

You will have the opportunity to speak with our PEF experts exclusively on One-to-One sessions about possible applications fitting your business. Here you can ask anything you want under the umbrella of confidentiality.

Special events

In the evenings, there will be time to attend dinners and a gin-tasting. As a very special extra, we will perform a world record attempt together with you and need your help here!

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Lectures will be given by leading international PEF experts. Get to know them.

Dr. Sergiy Smetana
DIL e.V, Germany

Lecture: Sustainability aspects of using PEF systems

Dr. Sergiy M. Smetana works as a Head of Food Data Group at the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL e.V.) since 2017. However, he joined the institute in 2013 and was responsible for sustainability assessment of food and food technologies. Before that he worked as a visiting scholar (Fulbright fellow) in Brook Byers Institute of Sustainable Systems (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA) for a year and 6 years as an engineer in Institute of Nature Management and Environmental Problems (Ukraine).

During his career, he was responsible for environmental impact assessment of technologies (related to food, mining and landscape construction). The main focus of current activities includes sustainability assessment of innovative food processing technologies and data application for the analysis of complex food systems.

Prof. Dr. Javier Raso
University of Zaragoza, Spain

Lecture: Wine science

Prof. Dr. Javier Raso received his PhD in 1995 at the University of Zaragoza (Spain) where he is currently professor of Food Technology and former Director of the Pilot Plant of Food Science and Technology. He has been visiting researcher of the Microbiology Department at Unilever Research in Bedford (UK), of the Department of Food Biotechnology and Food Process Engineering at Technical University of Berlin (Germany) and of the Biological Systems Engineering Department at Washington State University (USA).

His areas of research are in the field of food preservation and processing by thermal and non-thermal technologies such as ultrasound, high hydrostatic pressure, pulsed electric fields and combined processing. Research interest is focused in critical factors affecting efficacy of technologies, kinetics and mathematical modeling, process optimization and mechanisms of action.

Brian Meyer
Tayto, UK

Lecture: Insights into snack industry

I have a degree in Chemistry and Applied Chemistry, starting my career in South Africa with Unilever, before moving to Europe to work in a range of FMCG companies. Throughout my career, I have been involved in the food industry for 25 years, with the majority of that in the snacks industry. I have been fortunate to work on a range of global brands across the world, in roles ranging from NPD and EPD to Product and process engineering to global productivity initiatives. I am currently the Group Process improvement manager for Tayto Group Ltd. The largest privately-owned snack company in the United Kingdom. We specialise in both branded and own-label products for most major, well-known retailers.

I have worked with PEF for over 8 years for the production of snack foods and in particular sliced potato chips. I have a real interest in combining the science of food production with novel and new processing technologies to ensure that we consistently deliver high quality, affordable products at all times. PEF is, and has been a significant part of that process for us, delivering both improved quality, as well as improved nutritional credentials and I look forward to meeting you and sharing some insights into the technology and how it has worked for the snacks category.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Töpfl
Elea GmbH, Germany

Stefan Toepfl is the Managing Director of Elea GmbH, manufacturer and distributor of Pulsed Electric Field systems.

Stefan Toepfl is food technologist and received his PhD in food process engineering at Berlin University of Technology in 2006.

As Advanced Research Manager at the German Institute of Food Technologies, DIL, he is active in process design and realization of processing equipment with a focus on pulsed electric fields, static and dynamic pressure applications, supercritical fluids as well as snack and protein extrusion.

Since 2009 he is professor at the University of Applied Sciences, Osnabrück, Germany, focussing on sustainable food process techniques.

Dr. Kemal Aganovic
DIL e.V, Germany

Lecture: Future and Trends in Food Technology

Dr. Kemal Aganovic is a food technology engineer with a focus on conventional and alternative food technologies. Since completion of his master course Food science and technology at BOKU, Vienna in December 2011, he engaged at the German Institute of Food Technologies as a Marie Curie ITN fellow on FP7 “HST FoodTrain” European project.

In February 2017 he has received a PhD in Bioscience engineering at the KU Leuven, Belgium. Since then he works as a group leader of alternative technologies and a deputy manager of the research platform Advanced research.

His main research focus lies on impact of alternative technologies on food quality, their scale-up possibilities and industrial applications.

Robin Ostermeier
Elea GmbH, Germany

Robin Ostermeier is Head of Snack Applications in the R&D department at Elea.

He got in contact with pulsed electric fields in 2013 the first time by writing his master thesis at the University of Applied Science, Osnabrück in cooperation with Elea about PEF and sweet potato processing. Since that he is part of the R&D team at Elea focusing on snack applications such as French fries and chips. Being involved in many snack related customer and research projects travelling around the world he has gained established expertise in industrial-scale PEF snacks processing.

In parallel to this, he started his PhD 2016 at the University of Natural Resources and Life Science, Vienna about the influence of PEF treatment on the convective drying of fruits and vegetables in industrial scale.

Dr. Oleksii Parniakov
Elea GmbH, Germany

Dr. Oleksii Parniakov is the Principal Scientist at Elea and leads the department Application Development.

He received his PhD in Food Process Engineering at the Technological University of Compiegne, France. His research interests mainly focus on non-conventional methods for enhancement of different food related processes. He works mostly on the development of new areas of industrial application of pulsed electric field. Such as extraction of bioactive compounds, drying and freezing of solid food products. He has 30 published peer reviewed research or review articles in international journals and book chapters.

Julian Witt
Elea GmbH, Germany

Julian Witt is Head of Liquid Applications in the R&D department at Elea.

He has studied Food Production Engineering and Business at the University of Applied Science Osnabrück and received his Master of Science in 2014. He practically started working with Pulsed Electric Fields during his semester abroad at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) South Africa in a joint project of CPUT, Hochschule Osnabrück and Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik (DIL). He has then joined the R&D team of DIL’s spin-off Elea and has become one of their PEF experts with a focus on liquid applications.

Jimmy Kinsella
Elea GmbH, Germany

Jimmy Kinsella is Engineering Manager at Elea.

He has over 30 years of work experience, working for several multinational equipment manufacturers specialising in the food industry. Before joining Elea, he owned and managed his own business acting as a consultant and design engineer to food process companies. His main role was helping them improve their manufacturing process and equipment reliability, along with overseeing their in-house maintenance and equipment purchase.

In Elea, Jimmy is the Engineering Manager with responsibility for overseeing customer service – including spare parts and technical support to our customers. He also manages the manufacturing and installation of all the Elea systems, allocating resources as required to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Info to come
Info to come

Lecture: Extraction of valuable compounds

James Gratzek
Food-Physics, US

Lecture: PEF Microbial inactivation and shelf life extension of fruit juices – process validation

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Venue, Travel & Accomodation

The event takes place at Elea's state of the art facilities located in beautiful village Quakenbrück.

Elea partners with DIL - getting here

The best option to come here is by train to station ‘Bahnhof Quakenbrück’ followed by a short 10 min walk to our facilities in Professor-von-Klitzing-Str. 9 (Elea) and 7 (DIL).

The PEF demo’s take place in our pilot halls at Elea and the lectures will take place in a seminar room at our neighbour DIL (German Institute of Food Technologies).

If you come by car, we have a lot of free parking opportunities around the building.


We have hotels in Quakenbrueck and in the surrounding area in Bersenbrück, Essen (Oldenburg), Löningen, Dinklage.

The best hotels with good transport links can be seen on the map and in the link below.

We have booked a room contingent for you at Hotel Hagspihl in Quakenbrueck. A room costs 60€ per night including breakfast. Code ELEA2019.

Also, Hotel Niedersachsen in Quakenbrueck, 55€ per night incl. breakfast. Code ELEA2019.


Please apply here:

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The attendance at the Advantage PEF Demo Days is free.

Due to limited space, we will contact you personally if your registration has been successful.


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Get-together & gin tasting

The first Advantage day will end with a welcome evening and a gin tasting with Elea produced dried fruits and herb-infused vegetables.

World record attempt

Can we produce and fry the world’s largest French fry? Let’s find out together!


On Thursday 7th will be a dinner. More info coming soon.

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