Juice Summit 2017

4th-5th Oct 2017. Antwerp, Belgium.

We at Elea are proud to be one of the sponsors of the Juice Summit 2017. In our opinion, the Juice Summit is one of THE top events to network with potential business partners from all over the world within the juice industry and beyond.


This is exactly the right place to show you in which way our innovative Pulsed Electric Field systems can improve your juice yield and quality. The Elea Pulsed Electric Field SafeJuice system can on one hand enhance the extraction of valuable compounds, antioxidants, colour pigments and even the whole juice yield from your fruit mashes. On the other hand, our systems can be used for preservation purposes with a gentle and safe inactivation of microbes at low processing temperatures to retain highest quality and freshness in your juices over a massively extended shelf-life.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Juice Summit 2017 and discuss the latest research and industrial insights! Official website info.

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